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“Customer service is not just a good idea, it’s the standard that separates us from everyone else”​


Triumph Industrial Supply is dedicated to providing industrial supplies to the greater Houston area with expertise and dedication to our craft. Owners and founders, Josh Kubik and Julie Joines, represent the fourth generation of a family that has been industry leaders in the Houston area for over forty years. Their influence on Triumph Industrial staff has proved vital to the company, and affords a unique insight and skill-set when it comes to providing industrial supplies.

Triumph Industrial Supply provides anything and everything related to the industrial/ construction industry. From power tools to raw materials; gloves and water coolers to chemicals, lubricants and paints—anything you would find on an industrial and/or construction site can be provided to you by Triumph Industrial.

With our commitment to be the best in the industry, our unique perspective on the industrial/construction field, our seemingly endless and in-depth inventory, and our 24-hour a day commitment policy, Triumph Industrial is dedicated to being your ONE-STOP shop for all of your industrial supplies.

Relationships make a difference! Contact us and we'll get a representative out to you to tailor our services to your situation and needs!

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